Veliko Tarnovo

| October 1, 2013

One of (if not) the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo – situated approximately midway between Sofia and Varna – forms a picturesque setting on the hilltops, within a bend of the Jantra River.

At one time the capital of the 2nd Bulgarian Empire, Veliko Tarnovo can justifiably claim the title of being Bulgaria’s richest city in terms of historic monuments – based on the 12th-14th centuries churches, the typically Balkan style, 18th-19th centuries dwellings, and the medieval fortress (Tsarevets) towering over the city.

The terraced dwellings which overlook the Jantra River, in the historic old part of Veliko  Tarnovo, present a distinctive panorama to the sightseer; a significant number of these dwellings now function as hotels, restaurants and cafes.


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