Burgas is considered to be the centre of the southern section of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, and is its number one harbour.

Burgas – the city is the fourth largest in Bulgaria, situated in the most western part of the Burgas Bay, spreading on a peninsula surrounded by the three famous lakes – Bourgasko, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko. The city of Burgas is turning to be the most vivid and busy centre in the South Black Sea coastline and has the biggest port area in Bulgaria with well-developed industry and flourishing trade relations.

Although its historic and cultural sights cannot compete with those of its rival, Varna, being less crowded in the summer months, with its cafés and restaurants it can offer a pleasant venue for switching-off. Burgas also serves as an ideal springing-off point for touring the southern coastal region.

The Port of Burgas is the biggest seaport in the country. The Airport of Burgas is the one where
the international flights land in summer. It’s not famous as a beach resort (although you can find a few beaches), but rather as a starting point for the big southern Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria with its railway station facilities and busy bus station.

The favourable geographical location and advanced transport infrastructure of Burgas are good prerequisites for development of tourism and trade. Burgas is not only an important industrial centre in the country, it also has considerable resources for tourism. What mostly attracts people here
is undoubtedly the sea. The Sea Garden which rivals the one in Varna, the cathedral of St. St. Cyril & Methodius with lavish decorations of mural paintings and frescos, the Armenian Church, the catholic cathedral, the churches of St. Deva Maria and St. Ivan Rilski, the Natural Science Museum, the Philharmonic orchestra and the Art Gallery.