Situated on the Northern part of the Black Sea coast, 31km north of Varna, Balchik is an old settlement (the former Greek-Byzantine fortress Dionysopolis) and a popular seaside resort with a picturesque old town.

It is a small yet full of romance Bulgarian seaside town representing a great and incredible combination of modern style resort with great historical heritage. Balchik port is among the three biggest Bulgarian Black Sea ports after Varna and Burgas.

The Balchik Palace Complex is extremely attractive and well preserved target of the cultural tourism not only in Balchik but in the entire region.The old palace built in 1924-1931 was a favorite summer residence Romanian queen Maria.

The Palace was specially established and designed for the needs of the Romanian Queen Maria and is still amazing with its combination of styles, beautiful gardens, harmony of figures when watching the greenery and the nice flowers and plants winding and coiling.

The palace residencies are scattered in the viridity and water areas and all of them combine the romance and harmony of a whole variety of different architectural styles.

The Euxinograd Palace is a monument of the landscape gardening and is part of Bulgarian history. It was built in 1882 as a summer residence or prince Alexander Battenberg. The Palace was designed by the Viennese architect Ruppelmeyer. The residence was named Euxinograd during the reign of tsar Ferdinand and the wines made here are still spreading past and present fame.

It is interesting to walk along and observe the Tatar Quarter with the pebbled streets and the houses made of stone and adobe.

The area of Touzlata is located 6 km east of the town and is well known for its curing mud. A large recreational and spa complex is built there.