Stretching along the shores of the Black Sea, along a bay bearing the same name, Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city. Also known as the “Maritime Capital”, Varna, with its beaches, sights and programmes, is one of the favourite holiday resorts on the Black Sea.

Varna, which the ancient Greeks called Odessos, is a city with an incredible historical heritage. The oldest processed gold in the history of the world is found in the Varna necropolis dating from the 5th century BC.

Its most outstanding monument, the former Roman Baths with its close to 400 metres long system of sewerage drains, has remained almost intact to this day.

Many tourists are attracted by the new resorts established nearby, such as Albena, and the zone of development known as “Golden Sands”.

Museums in Varna

Of its museums, the best known is the Archaeological Museum with the unique collection of finds from the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis. Varna’s aquarium, where the typical living creatures inhabiting the Black Sea can be viewed, is also counted among the city’s attractions.

Other remarkable museums in Varna are the Museum of History of Medicine – which is the only one in the Balkans -, the Museum of Maritime Economy, the National Museum of the Navy, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of the National Revival Period, the Museum of the History of Varna, the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Tourism.