| October 1, 2013

Sozopol is situated on a small picturesque rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, in the southern part of the Burgas Bay, 30 km south of Burgas. Surrounded by sea on three sides and resembling a pile of stones on a small piece of land, Sozopol brings together natural beauty and romantic antiquities.

Sozopol, originally named Apollonia, is one of the oldest Bulgarian coastal towns settled by the Thracians in 13th – 12th century. BC. The town was later named by the Ancient Greeks after Apollo who is the protector of art and is also the leader of the muses.

The architecture in Sozopol is extremely picturesque and intimate.  The old town with its cobbled narrow streets, ancient wooden houses, churches and chapels give Sozopol its unique charm.

The rich local archaeological museum keeps some of Apollonia’s magnificent heritage Рamphora, stone anchors and sea ship models dating from the ancient times of Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks and many others.

The church of St. Bogoroditsa dating from the 17th century is one of the main cultural heritage attractions. Sozopol is also a very popular sea resort, in the town there are two long sandy beaches: the Central beach and the Harmani beach.

In the very beginning of every autumn, Sozopol hosts the Apollonia Arts Festival.

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