Most attractive holiday destinations in Bulgaria

| December 30, 2016

You can not only enjoy the sea and sun in Bulgaria. This country is famous for its historical background and culture, artistic values and charming towns, olden monasteries and modern buildings.

The most attractive holiday destinations are in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, located in the heart of the city. The tourists can enjoy the visit to marvelous tower of the Banya Bashi mosque, and the limestone shower with decorated tiles there, St. George Rotunda temple constructed in the second century, the Church of the Light of Sofia for which reason this city has the name Sofia, church of St. Nicholas that is a great & beautiful attraction and was constructed in memoriam of Russian fighters of the Russia-Turkey war and the church of Holy Resurrection. The largest shopping center, Vitosha Avenue, is the location where you can enjoy the visit to the Theological arts school, the historic museum that has the olden memorial objects of the notable Panagyurishte gold treasure and a lot of golden basins with mythological symbols engraved on them. The sight of Golden domes of Alexander Nevski Cathedral is really great and can be seen from a very far distance and is memorial of the soldiers, who had taken part in the freedom of Bulgaria.

Varna city is too much old city in Europe that it has historical connections linked back to the 6th century BC. Nowadays it is a main industrial and civilizing center of Bulgaria. In spite of the energetic development of country and the structure of modern buildings, there are a lot of signs of olden history.

Plevna is one more historic city. The historic Museum named “The Liberation of Pleven ” is situated in the same located, wherever the Emperor Alexander II seen the conquered Osman Pasha. And the Skobelevski Park Museum that is located at South Hill and is the memorial of one of the biggest fight ever. You can have amazing overlook of the city from the top of the hill, there is another museum called the Panorama Pleven Epic. At this time, Plevna is a gorgeous city, with a lot of of its streets.

Part of an ancient amphitheatre, of the Roman basilica, and the city environment are still saved in Plovdiv. The stage has been restored in recent times, and it is the position of a variety of performances. The concern of the most tourists is attracted to the clock tower, the mosque constructed in the 2nd of Turkish supremacy. The mediaeval streets of the Old Plovdiv create a center of attention for a lot of visitors, who take pleasure in the cozy environment of the place. In excess of 200 structures of the Old City have been set as memorial of history.

The Black Sea coast is a must-to-see destination for seashore Bulgaria tourism. Bulgaria was familiar with be one of the main resorts in the communist nations of Europe. During the 1990s, the business experienced a slump, but at the present, it is developing quickly. Bulgaria is the country with fast growing tourism trend and tries hard to develop it as quick as possible.

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