Seaside Resorts in Bulgaria

For decades the Black Sea Coast has rightfully been the most popular, the most preferred and the most visited Bulgarian destination, owing to the remarkable qualities of the region: 380 km of beaches, 240 – 300 hours of sunshine in the summer season, average daily temperature of the air – 23 – 25 şC and of the water 23 – 25 şC, 70 – 75% atmospheric humidity, varied relief, uncountable cultural and historical sights, resorts for any taste and pocket.

Most Popular Seaside Resorts in Bulgaria

Stretching along the shores of the Black Sea, along a bay bearing the same name, Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city. Also known as the “Maritime Capital” .

Situated on a rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, 20 km north of Burgas, Nessebar town is one of the oldest towns in Europe, originally Thracian settlement.

Situated on the Northern part of the Black Sea coast, 31km north of Varna, Balchik is an old settlement and a popular seaside resort with a picturesque old town.

Burgas is considered to be the centre of the southern section of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, and is its number one harbour. Being less crowded in the summer months, with its cafés and restaurants it can offer a pleasant venue for switching-off.

Sozopol is situated on a small picturesque rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, in the southern part of the Burgas Bay, 30 km south of Burgas. Sozopol, originally named Apollonia, is one of the oldest Bulgarian coastal towns settled by the Thracians.
Sunny Beach

This holiday village lies only 42 km north of the city of Bourgas, featuring wide and warm sea with gently sloping sand bottom. The resort is famous for the combination of sunshine and fresh breeze, and for the varied cultural programme.
Golden Sands

The Golden Sands resort is located 17 km from the city of Varna, in the north part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera. It is a unique combination of a calm and warm sea, wooded slopes descending to a beach covered with fine golden sand after which the resort area is named.

The town of Pomorie is situated on a narrow and rocky peninsula, bordered by the sea on one side and by the Pomorie Lake – on the other. The establishment of this town dates back to the 4th – 5th century BC.

Kavarna – an ancient town, very busy in the past, offers recreational tourism and a great and unforgettable vacation to tourists who rather enjoy the calmness, quietness and living in the nature.

Primorsko is situated south of Bourgas and is famous for its 1 sq km of sandy beach. This resort is known as a place preferred by young Bulgarians who come here and stay in the big number of rest homes, hostels, student dorms and campgrounds.

Kiten is a small town, situated in the vicinity of Primorsko. It’s only a few kilometres away from Primorsko resorts. In recent years Kiten is developing its private hotel infrastructure, as well as all other tourist facilities needed for a pleasant beach vacation.

Lozenets is a family-oriented and almost exclusively Bulgarian resort with hotels and lodging in private homes is the business card of this nice village. Lozenets is situated 5 km north of Tsarevo.

Tsarevo resort is situated in southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea region.There are lots of heritage traces left throughout the ages by the development of ancient civilizations.

Ahtopol resort is located in the southern part of The Bulgarian Black Sea Area. The name of the town has been preserved since ancient times. The Byzantine leader Agathon restored the town after the barbarian invasions and gave it its own name Agathopolis

The spirit and excitement in the charming village of Sinemorets is much higher – a great part of the properties are sold and lots of tourist properties are under construction along with family hotels. The people enjoying the natural beauties have been attracted by its beaches