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Welcome to Bulgaria Travel Guide

| October 11, 2013

Welcome to Bulgaria Travel Guide
– Your travel guide to Bulgaria –

This site offers travel information about Bulgaria; discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Bulgaria. This guide provides useful source for you to identify the most interesting natural, historical and cultural sites in Bulgaria. Explore the most beautiful locations, world heritage sites, national parks, seaside resorts, monasteries, castles and the hidden treasures of Bulgaria.
Discover the diversity of Bulgaria, and much, much more.

Bulgaria Travel Guide.info – Your travel guide to Bulgaria.


| October 1, 2013

Sozopol is situated on a small picturesque rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, in the southern part of the Burgas Bay, 30 km south of Burgas. Surrounded by sea on three sides and resembling a pile of stones on a small piece of land, Sozopol brings together natural beauty and romantic antiquities. Continue Reading


| October 1, 2013

Burgas is considered to be the centre of the southern section of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, and is its number one harbour. Burgas – the city is the fourth largest in Bulgaria, situated in the most western part of the Burgas Bay, spreading on a peninsula surrounded by the three famous lakes – Bourgasko, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko. The city of Burgas is turning to be the most vivid and busy centre in the South Black Sea coastline and has the biggest port area in Bulgaria with well-developed industry and flourishing trade relations.

Although its historic and cultural sights cannot compete with those of its rival, Varna, being less crowded in the summer months, with its cafés and restaurants it can offer a pleasant venue for switching-off. Burgas also serves as an ideal springing-off point for touring the southern coastal region. Continue Reading


| October 1, 2013

Situated on a rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, 20 km north of Burgas, Nessebar town is one of the oldest towns in Europe, originally Thracian settlement (Messembria).

By its historic buildings, churches and ruins mostly from the Hellenistic period, surviving through the ages, Nessebar town is one of the major cultural heritage destinations along the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline.

According to the large number of churches, Nessebar is often said to be the town with the highest number of churches per capita in the world. The city’s ruins, which date mostly from the Hellenistic period, include the acropolis, a temple of Apollo, an agora and a wall from the Thracian fortifications, very ancient monuments and records, fortresses, churches and many other architectural places. Continue Reading


| October 1, 2013

Stretching along the shores of the Black Sea, along a bay bearing the same name, Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city. Also known as the “Maritime Capital”, Varna, with its beaches, sights and programmes, is one of the favourite holiday resorts on the Black Sea.

Varna, which the ancient Greeks called Odessos, is a city with an incredible historical heritage. The oldest processed gold in the history of the world is found in the Varna necropolis dating from the 5th century BC.

Its most outstanding monument, the former Roman Baths with its close to 400 metres long system of sewerage drains, has remained almost intact to this day. Continue Reading

Island Getaways For Honeymooners Vacation Packages

| June 30, 2016

If luxury were to be objectively defined it would be from the viewpoint of contemporary gulet holidays. Chartering today’s luxury gulet is much like finding a palace and traveling with it to sea. The super luxury gulet holidays are precisely designed for VIP groups whose middle names are luxury along with the fine things of life. It is however important to note the VIP group gulet ships aren’t necessarily as expensive numerous other cruises are. Gulet holidays are competitively priced so that even what exactly is expensive inside gulet world remains to be less than everything you could find for chartered cruises to uninteresting places aboard gigantic ships.

A small backpack. Large packs are certainly not allowed inside the Machu Picchu ruin site, but smaller bags and purses are. Because there are many steep steps and you will probably want the hands free, bringing a backpack is superior to a purse. Make sure it is large enough for the water bottle, camera, and sunscreen. For advertising programs for airport hotels visit ad4travel.com. What happens is that after too few people book regularly priced tickets, the airlines, cruiselines and hotels make deals with new business organisations to own tickets for much less. That is why you could have found out that you can find excellent last minute travel deals sometimes. Usually, the nearer to the date of travel you’re booking your trip, the higher the prices are. If you know which websites have these agreements with all the companies, there is an prices to be very affordable on a break cruises, vacation packages, low airfare, and cheap hotels should you book it right away. One day can certainly produce a big difference!

The absolute best strategy to learn Spanish is usually to hear it and speak it all the time. There are several language schools that completely immerse you inside language. Often these schools perhaps you have lodge at a host’s home for ample possibility to speak and hear the word what, and give you two or three hours of lessons from a skilled teacher.

With the many all-inclusive holidays in Miami you will surely manage to find tickets via your concierge for entrance into the numerous great museums, from art, history, architecture, natural museums, along with the fun parks such as Parrot Jungle or Monkey Island. For the night owls Miami offers the best ambiance on the globe. World renowned DJ’s and regular star visitation provides you with an experience which you’ll want to never forget.

Many newly married couples like to look at the place and enjoy their honeymoon in Dubai with opulence and luxury. This place is really a popular destination for the wealthy and celebrities. You can get desired coziness and the best generosity on this capital of scotland – United Arab Emirate. The people welcome their guests with love and passion, so you have the opportunity to relish the hospitality with sophistication and magnificence.

A Visit to Vlicha Beach Near Rhodes Town

| June 28, 2016

During 2009 the Greek travel industry, like many around the globe, suffered reductions in trade, with annual traveller numbers going to the continent falling by figures approaching ten %. Not surprisingly, key point here was the drop in levels of business travellers, particularly to the country’s major cities like Athens, and it was encouraging to determine many of the more popular Greek islands like Rhodes and Skiathos reporting much smaller falls. The reductions in tourists are something they all are hoping they could reverse during 2010 and return the industry back to its former self.

Once Rhodes was returned towards the Greeks in 1948 its new tax free status encouraged even more visitors, including many Greeks in the mainland. Air travel brought another big step up in tourist volumes inside the 1960’s as charter flights brought travellers from countries such as the UK and after this a great deal of top quality hotels and two airports mean tourism remains a significant contributor to the island’s commercial interests. A measure from the rise in popularity of Rhodes is always that now almost 2 million people come towards the island, by air or by cruise ship every year.

Rhodes Island is rich in history. Every building and street of the place has its own history. The history of Rhodes reflects an amalgamation of Greek, Turkish and Italian ways of life. Moreover, the delicious Greek food possesses his own charm. It mainly includes historical places, healing bath techniques and exceptional array of food items, which can be rare to get in any far wall of the world. All these wonderful places and experiences will collectively you could make your Rhodes Holidays, the perfect memory. Some must see places in Rhodes include Old Town, New Town, Lindos, Lardos, Faliraki, Ixia, Kallithea, Prasonissi etc. Each village or capital of scotland – Rhodes offers lots of sightseeing opportunities including beaches, museums, churches and monasteries etc.

Within the smaller villages you will see that hotels are replaced by smaller studios and family run apartments, the dog owner will make you feel really welcome and go out of their strategy to assist you to through the entire holiday. They have much ingrained local knowledge about how to handle it around their local area which enable it to help you find many hidden gems of Greece along with your chosen island. Head over to http://lindiathalassa.xyz/.

Ptolemaic Egypt formed an alliance with Rhodes. Since then they took control over most of the eastern Mediterranean trade. Antigonus I Monophthalmus, just about the most important generals of Alexander was upset while using progress of Rhodes and it is alliance. So in 305BC, his son Demetrius who was simply also a general invaded Rhodes which has a huge army of 40,000 men though the city was well defended.

Hotels to Stay at inside the Medieval Town of the Greek Island of Rhodes

| June 28, 2016

Visiting Embonas Village During Rhodes Holidays In order to make your upcoming holidays an amazing section of your memory, Rhodes Island provides some of the great Rhodes holidays ideas. The South of Rhodes Island offers many beautiful sites and appealing sceneries to help you enjoy the best Rhodes holidays. Do not forget to plan a vacation in South of Rhodes this will let you great time by experiencing and enjoying the vista of Mother Nature in your next Rhodes holidays.

The Colossus of Rhodes is considered to get been a gigantic sculpture of bronze constructed within the likeness with the sun god, Helios.A Most accounts claim that people of Rhodes sold the device put aside and used the money to fund the construction with the statue, although one recounting states the bronze war machines left behind were melted down and used because exterior in the statue.A Standing 107 feet in height, The Colossus of Rhodes was the tallest statue of the ancient world.A It is thought to own represented Helios, posed nude, which has a spear in one hand along with a torch held high inside the other.A Although it was basically believed and is also often depicted as Helios standing with one foot on both sides of the harbor, experts agree the statue’s colossal form couldn’t have supported the weight in a very straddled position.A Although descriptions with the statue differ slightly, most agree the Colossus of Rhodes appeared upon a frame of iron bars with brass or bronze sheets connected to the bars to represent skin.AAA The Colossus of Rhodes stood in the center of a base of white marble 50 feet-60 feet situated near the entrance in the Mandraki harbor.A A likely premise by engineers today states the feet would have been carved of stone and enveloped with bronze plates riveted set up.A Bronze plates in the iron frame might have been 1-inch thick towards the knee and progressively thinner moving up the body.A Additional stabilization might have been needed with the neck, shoulder, and other joints.A The legs from the statue would have must be packed on the knees with rocks to stabilize the immense height in the statue.

One primary factor with regards to Greek islands, the experts, is that you mustn’t be able to fly there direct. And Symi certainly will do the job there. The nearest airport is on Rhodes, the administrative centre with the Dodecanese (Greek for twelve) islands of the eastern Aegean. From Rhodes, one hour in the catamaran or two hours on the local ferry will give you on the craggy outlines and clear blue waters of Symi, which lies to the north of Rhodes a few miles over Turkish coast. As the boat rounds the headland into Symi bay, the 1st time traveller is met by a wonderful vista of handsome stone buildings spread across the three hillsides framing the harbour.
View http://sunpalacerhodes.xyz/. Afionas in Port Timone is one of the top snorkeling sites in Corfu. Although, getting there exists a bit tricky, it can be absolutely worth the trip. This secluded spot is only able to be reached by boat or by a 45 minute hike. There are taxi boats available that might create for you towards the spot and pick you up later, but probably the best way is usually to rent a ship so you won’t must wait for a taxi boat.

Chalki is often a bigger island but only includes a few hundred residents because of its barren nature. It is not well suited for farming crops, although sheep and goats do graze about the rocky hillsides. Fresh water has to be shipped in by boat. For anyone that wants a Greek Island holiday with almost zero stress then Chalki might be the ideal choice. You can lie on the beach, swim in the clear blue sea or go for a walk over the stony tracks, that is almost all as there are no real roads or vehicles on the island. Sandy beaches are few and far between on Chalki too, there’s merely one really, but it’s adequate for your people who arrived at the region.

Easter In Rhodes At The Atrium Palace Resort And Villas

| June 28, 2016

Rhodes Island offers a variety of places with amazing facilities to facilitate tourism in this field. Among most of the spots within the island of Rhodes, get ready to experience Rhodes holidays at Afandou village. This village is situated for the east side from the island and it is one of the top tourist destinations in Rhodes. Point your browser at lindosroyalhotel.xyz. The Colossus of Rhodes is considered to have been a gigantic sculpture of bronze constructed inside likeness in the sun god, Helios.A Most accounts point out that the people of Rhodes sold the equipment forgotten and used the money to finance the construction with the statue, although one recounting states the bronze war machines forgotten were melted down and used because exterior of the statue.A Standing 107 feet in height, The Colossus of Rhodes was the tallest statue from the ancient world.A It is thought to possess represented Helios, posed nude, using a spear a single hand as well as a torch held high within the other.A Although it was first believed which is often depicted as Helios standing with one foot on both sides with the harbor, experts agree the statue’s colossal form cannot have supported the weight in a straddled position.A Although descriptions of the statue differ slightly, most agree the Colossus of Rhodes was made upon a frame of iron bars with brass or bronze sheets attached to the bars to represent your skin.AAA The Colossus of Rhodes stood in the center of a base of white marble 50 feet-60 feet situated towards the entrance of the Mandraki harbor.A A likely premise by engineers these days states your toes would’ve been carved of stone and enveloped with bronze plates riveted in place.A Bronze plates covering the iron frame might have been 1-inch thick to the knee and progressively thinner moving up our bodies.A Additional stabilization would’ve been needed on the neck, shoulder, along with other joints.A The legs of the statue would have would have to be packed to the knees with rocks to stabilize the immense height of the statue.

The palace reflects a fantastic interior and historical background of numerous cultures who dominated Rhodes every once in awhile. It has a magnificent history this is why a lot of people are desperate to visit this palace. So once you visit Rhodes, do remember to check out this palace. Some worth seeing things within the Palace in the Grand Masters during Rhodes holidays include:

Being just about the most significant infrastructures established during Italian domination from the island, the governor’s palace is definitely an amalgamation of varied architectural styles. Similarly, the arrangement of the palace stoutly bears a resemblance towards the Palace with the Duces in Venice. One in the best Rhodes holidays ideas would be to visit this palace from the medieval times.

Some family beaches include Afandou, Ladiko, Kallithea, Tsabika andmany other coves across the island. The busiest beach in Rhodes is Faliraki, very close to Rhodes Town, but clearly a youth-oriented coast, with beach bars, loud music, water land and a lot of watersports centers. If you not partial to mass tourism and crowded places, you have two choices: either visit Rhodes in low season, or head to more peaceful places
on Rhodes, just like the southern side in the island.

Maspalomas Golf Course – Gran Canaria Spain

| June 21, 2016

Ever popular with British tourists, the Canary Islands give you a sunny get away from our rather uninspiring climate, with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius tending to stretch all year round. This consistent weather helps make the islands particularly appealing for sport and leisure enthusiasts, a lot of whom have chosen to secure a time of holidays by purchasing a Gran Canaria timeshare. The Palm Oasis timeshare resort in particular is well-situated to allow website visitors to enjoy everything that the isle has to offer.

Gran Canaria is acknowledged for reliable, cheap hotels, that happen to be great for a lazy summer getaway. Designed to help guests relax and unwind in the sun, the island’s resorts provide leisurely activities, light entertainment, refreshing pools and, naturally, a big selection of food from worldwide. With their international cuisine, these hotels might not be the 1st places you’d imagine trying to find the very best local delicacies.

The most well established tourist resort is known as Puerto del Carmen. It’s also the oldest resort and is also located only a few minutes from the airport. It has a busy nightlife culture and if you’re searching for a holiday or relaxing beach days with bars and music in the evening then it is worth considering. There’s also a good selection of restaurants as well as a new golf course.

When you arrive at the sea you will note a number of beach shacks, many of which may be sophisticated with water and electricity. There are no shops or any facilities here. During weekdays the beach is commonly quiet or empty. There is also little shade so bring an umbrella with you. Just remember, the walk back up to the auto park can be hugely hard especially when sunshine is an its highest. You can find the locals as they specifically when you should appear and disappear, whereas the tourists walk down inside baking midday sun. Come by http://edenapartmentsgrancanaria.xyz/ for low cost Gran Canaria Canary Islands lodging. Lanzarote: the climate is very similar to that relating to Gran Canaria and Tenerife and so will be the nightlife. The climate is however cooler on account of a lot breeze which is always there. The landscape is principally a volcanic terrain looked after has mountain ranges caves plus a desert. The best thing you can do while this is enjoy a meal cooked under the volcano heat, a favorite for a lot of visitors here. It is a mix of romance and bustling fun hence a well liked spot for many people.

Horse Riding Excursions on Costa Blanca Holidays

| June 21, 2016

A Costa Blanca holiday dons offer in abundance what exactly every tourist is looking to get in the way of sandy beaches, lots of sunshine and really clear blue Mediterranean waters that makes for the great place for any relaxing Costa Blanca holidays trip. When you are making your listing of places to wear your Costa Blanca Holidays list the most popular destinations over the coast are Javea, Torrevieja, Benidorm and Alicante. Verify Buena Vista Apartments for budget Benidorm condos.

Most people, who love outdoor games and activities, simply appear to adore beaches it possesses. These beaches are the type that are famous worldwide for its golden sands that are proven to stretch across a distance, sometimes even over four miles. Presence of sea water helps make the spot ideal for people who fancy playing water sports. Additionally, it really is renowned for having an excellent climate that could be identified having its unique features for example bright and sunny rays that seem to kiss every inch with the city. This helps make the city look pulsating and vibrant for all those numerous tourists that arrive in this beach town from across the world. Creative minded feel awesome the sight in the white foamy splash they find around the Mediterranean Sea waves. Nature lovers find for their delight to see sunshine welcoming lots of enthusiastic visitors who squirm throughout the entire place. They also don’t miss this opportunity to relax their body after having been through a stressful long spell of daily hustle and bustle of life.

Terra Mitica is the perfect place for thrill seekers to spend the afternoon. The theme park has a large number of attractions disseminate in five themed sections, so there’s every possibility that you will lose your voice from all of the terror-induced screaming in the end of the day. Make sure to continue Magnus Colossus, a wooden rollercoaster reaching speeds of 100km/h and has the longest track in Europe. If that sounds too hair-raising you might prefer to watch others risk their lives at one of many daily circus shows, or make younger individuals the group to find Red Beard the pirate.

If you are prepared to loosen the purse strings for the Benidorm weekend, then your city promises you some exiting views and entertainment you have to have never indulged in before. The breathtaking sights from the city entice that you select the best area for your most memorable stay. Turn your Benidorm weekend into a beautiful experience by picking the top Benidorm accommodation with spa facilities.

Another city nearby is Murcia. Visit the Museum of the Arab Town Walls, which houses objects located in the excavations across the area, The Museum of Art which houses collections that go back to 1616; and don’t forget to understand the Cathedral of Santa Maria, internal 1358 and changed on the centuries.

Turkey – Where Cultures Meet Peacefully

| June 15, 2016

The town of Manavgat is often a popular holiday destination in the Antalya region of Turkey. Situated on the Manavgat river it is deemed an authentic Turkish town which has a scenic riverside setting but nevertheless within easy reach of some beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Continue Reading

My First Orlando Holiday getaway Continues by Sue Stafford

| May 28, 2016

An Orlando vacation offers from diverse culinary options, shopping experiences, entertainment venues, bars and nightlife towards the thrills of roller coasters, concert events and interactions with animals which can be purchased at area theme parks. There is a theme park that covers every interest-from music, movies, TV and stunts to fairytale characters, technological innovations and animals.

Theme park admission is valid for about 14 days when of first use. This allows families to spread out the trip and get other sites and attractions within the Orlando area with the fun of Universal. Tickets are available for pick-up until November 30, 2014 and must be redeemed by December 14, 2014.

While we are contemplating plants, you can also take a stroll at Big Tree Park. This park houses Florida’s oldest “resident” who is surely a 3500 years old cypress tree which towers 118 feet. You can walk over the boardwalks here and take a seat on the many park tables and revel in a picnic lunch. This is an 11 acre park that’s open from 8:00 a.m. to sunset 1 week a week 363 days a year. The park is situated at 761 General Hutchison Pkwy, Longwood 32750-3732. SeaWorld Orlando discounts can be available for sale using Must Vacations. The costs of package tours also are lowered, conserving you extra revenue.

Since vacation home rentals come with a lot of amenities, they’re going to help save bundles of greenbacks on the duration of your getaway. Most homes come equipped with fully functioning kitchens, game rooms, video game consoles, and a television in each bedroom. The kitchen can save you a lot of income, since you defintely won’t be instructed to eat inside a restaurant for every meal. The game room offers some respite in the kids always attempting to go somewhere because they are bored.

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Turks and Caicos Vacation Deals and Packages

| October 15, 2015

Turks-Five Turtles VillaDo you need a get away vacation on beautiful white beaches and at the best deal you can find? Well look no more, Turks and Caicos vacation deals has all you need. A great get away for your whole family or for you and your spouse and its affordable. Find the right deal for you at turksandcaicosallinclusiveresort.com. Here you will find cheap hotel rates that also give all the taxes so there is no surprise cost.

There are many Turks and Caicos resorts and hotels to choose from, such as “windsong resort” this is a 41/2 star hotel. The features include balconies with most stunning views of the ocean. You will wake up to the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean a view that will make your day. Continue Reading

Sandals all inclusive vacation resorts: For honeymooners with limited funds

| October 11, 2015

St Lucia is among the Windward Islands in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean, south of Martinique and northwest of Barbados. The capital is Castries inside the north west of St Lucia, which can be 27 miles long and 14 miles wide using a central mountain range the complete length of the island with peaks of up to 3000feet plus. Continue Reading